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Favorite Places Friday- Vidalia Restaurant

Ed and I dined at Vidalia Restaurant in Lawrenceville on Tuesday night and had the most amazing time. The ambience was beautiful, service excellent and the food was truly spectacular, but the real show-stopper was Sal, the restaurant’s owner. We truly felt like we were invited to his home and he was cooking, just for us. His warmth and hospitality is what keeps customers coming back again and again. Okay, maybe it also has to do with his award-winning food.

I’m not going to try to describe each dish to you, because honestly, I’m no Guy Fieri and I was shoveling food in my mouth, so fast, that I could barely take notes. Here is what we ate:

Octopus Limonello Style

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with a Cognac Cream Sauce

Prosciutto y Melon with Mango

Truffle Risotto

Crispy Duck and Green Beans

Creme Brule Cake with a Graham Cracker Crust

There was not a morsel left on any of our plates but it was the octopus dish that I’m still dreaming about. It was so good, that three days later, I can’t stop thinking about it.

We asked Sal, what was most important to him about the restaurant and his answer was that he truly wants his customers to leave happy. He told us that he takes his reviews very seriously and works tireless with the wait staff, to provide his customers with the best possible experience.

Did you know they do off-premise catering? He promised me if I brought him my plates, he would put his food on it and never tell a soul it wasn’t my home cooking (and I wouldn’t be the first one to do that). So, if you happen to come to our house around the holidays and the food is especially good, now you know why.

Vidalia’s motto is “Cucina con passione” and you can definitely see, smell, and taste Sal’s passion in every bite.